Studies in Natural Magic

About the Program

Studies in Natural Magic features recent films by Saul Levine, Charlotte Pryce, and Christopher Harris; rarely screened films by Standish Lawder and Jean Sousa; sublimely filmed and acutely perceived portraits of cities, seas, skies, and landscapes by Peter Hutton, Julie Murray, Gary Beydler, Robert Fulton, and Emily Richardson; Betzy Bromberg’s audacious and energetic feminist punk city symphony; Degrees of Limitation, one of Scott Stark’s earliest films, a humorous 3-minute structuralist gem; and Portland, a mid-90s travelogue and playful Rashomon-like inquiry into the nature of truth by Greta Snider.

Films in this Program

Light Lick: Amen

Saul Levine

A stark portrait of my father at daily morning prayers to which I respond, AMEN.

Rent from Canyon Cinema

Catfilm for Katy and Cynnie

Standish Lawder

Made for Intercat ’73, Pola Chapelle’s Cat Film Festival in New York.

Rent from Canyon Cinema

Ciao Bella

Betzy Bromberg

A personal film about love and mortality.

Rent from Canyon Cinema

28.IV.81 (Bedouin Spark)

Christopher Harris

“Approximates a small child’s fantasy world in the dark. In a series of close-ups, the nightlight is transformed…”

Rent from Canyon Cinema


Emily Richardson

Redshift attempts to show the huge geometry of the night sky and give an altered perspective of the landscape…

Rent from Canyon Cinema

A Study in Natural Magic

Charlotte Pryce

Witness an alchemist’s spell: the transmutation of light into substance: a glimpse of gold.

Rent from Canyon Cinema


Robert E. Fulton

A Tibetan Lama. His disciple. The disciple’s wife, young boy and terrier. An old tugboat crossing the Mississippi River. A man in his seventh month of solitude.

Rent from Canyon Cinema


Jean Sousa

This film deals with the physical properties of the film medium, and pushing those distinctive features to their limit.

Rent from Canyon Cinema

Hand Held Day

Gary Beydler

“Beydler’s magical Hand Held Day is his most unabashedly beautiful film, but it’s no less complex than his other works…”

Rent from Canyon Cinema


Greta Snider

The film is a documentary road movie about travel, the fallibility of photographs, and the merging of memory and imagination…

Rent from Canyon Cinema

Degrees of Limitation

Scott Stark

A single 100′ roll shot with a hand-wound 16mm Bolex. For each shot the camera was wound one additional time, allowing me to make it a little bit farther up the hill. Will I reach the top before the film runs out? A study in self-imposed limitations.

Rent from Canyon Cinema

Shrimp Boat Log

David Gatten

Footage of a logbook of shrimp boat names and the boats in question at the mouth of the Edisto river on the east coast of the US, edited into 300, 29-frame shots on 16mm. Edited in line with Leonardo da Vinci’s instruction number 918 in which he subdivided an hour into 3,000 equal sections.

Rent from Canyon Cinema

Boston Fire

Peter Hutton

Boston Fire finds grandeur in smoke rising eloquently from a city blaze…”

Rent from Canyon Cinema


Julie Murray

Much of the footage that comprises Orchard is of a 19c ruins that included a walled orchard in and area known as Rostellen in southwest Ireland.

Rent from Canyon Cinema


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